Sue’s now a Pornstar if she likes it or not

Sue’s now a Pornstar if she likes it or not

Sue’s now a Pornstar if she likes it or not!

I thought I would tell you of what I have got myself in to as I still cannot believe it myself!  My name’s Sue & work at a printers factory in Derby’  Have been marred for many years with not that much exciting happening along the way as it were!  I thought our sex life was ok but that it & me thinking his Cock was an ok size of around 5 inch’s & sex lasting around 5mins being the norm’  The only excitement I get is knowing the lads at work like to get a look at my arse when I am bending over the table to cut the prints to size & I know one even takes pics on his phone thinking I have know idea but this really turns me on’  I must admit I do have a very nice tight ass so do play up to them a bit’  I’m in my late 40’s but still do have a slim fit body.  Anyway that all changed around six months ago for the better to ‘simply’ put it’.

It all started by chance when a lad at work was showing me funny vids on his phone then saying … Now this one well make you laugh Sue!  He held it in front of my face then gasped out load & felt my face going red’  It was a vid of a blonde white woman slowly wanking a black guys cock’  At first I was taken aback but then crabbed the phone to see better’  OMG I said its true then they Are huge!       I was transfixed by it & for the rest of the day couldn’t get it out my head’  Later on I said to him … I’ve just got a picture of the black cock in my head!  Really lol so you liked it then did you?  Well now I know what I’ve been missing out on now all these years lol’  Well I can lend you some DVD’s with lots of em like that if you like? Don’t know if I could take it … but go on then’  The very next day he came up to me & pushed a bag with a DVD in it’  There you go Sue you should like this! When I got the chance I took a look at the cover & felt myself getting turned on looking at the pictures on it as it was full of shots from the film’  Some were of a young girl with a blackcock fully up her cunt & such like’  I couldn’t wait to go home for dinner to put it on as I just live up the road’  As soon as I got in on it went’  Lots of shots from it were playing over the screen in a pre film montage of lots of black guys pounding this tiny girls holes to bits’

Next thing I knew my hand was down my pants & was going crazy on my clit’       I came in know time & harder than I had in years’  Back at work my pussy was still soaking wet with pussy cum as was still really turned on & found my self really bending fully over the print table to cut up the prints knowing full well lads eyes were getting a good eye full’  Later back home before Dave got in it was on again on the bedroom telly’  My hips were jerking up & down like mad with pleasure at the sight of them Huge cocks going from tip to base in a blink of an eye up this young blondes holes’  Id not been this so horny for many a year’  My poor pussy & clit didn’t know what had hit it’  At work on Monday the lad who had given me the DVD asked if I had liked it? LOL I said well lets just say we had a fab weekend!  Oh so Dave saw it as well then? Oh no he has no idea I have it’     I just made the most of him as it were lol’  Then he said take a look at the back of your clip bored! I picked it up & flipped my time sheet over to reveal some A4 pictures of a blonde woman surrounded by 5 of the biggest black cocks you could ever hope to see?  Then some with her crammed to the brim with em all’  OMG then flipped the pages back quick before any one saw it’  Thanks I’ll look at that later but had to keep taking a look as soon as he’d gone & felt turned on by it knowing they were just there where any one could see it if my time sheet just happened to move a bit’  Often I would deliberately leave a bit of them showing why I went off doing stuff or when had gone home for dinner’  If I knew Elaine    ( that’s the boss) was coming down to see me I’d even put all or one on top ‘Mostly the one with her face absolutely covered to the hilt with Spunk’ & just turn it around then put it next to the Print order sheets that she looks at as often has to move the thing to get to them’  The thought of her or anyone else seeing them really did it for me’  If I was really in the mood I’d even leave it fully out on display for 5 to 10 minuets or all night when we’d all gone home knowing Elaine often came down to look for something’  One time I defiantly know she had seen them & looked at them all as they were in a deferent order to how I had left them’  I did this for 3 nights running with the same result each time’

Anyway she’s not as prim & proper as she likes to make out!  From what I’ve heard & observed I think she’s been shafted by quite a good number of men & even got my suspicions one or two from here have done her!  No names but I recon one of the lads in the Design Depot has been doing her off & on for years’    I know Jo & Kate think she’s getting plenty on the side as well! With Jo saying she thinks Her husband watch’s as men Fuck her’  I saw her one time around 2 years back in Sainsburys car park getting in to a car packed full of Blackguys & dressed up like a right tart’ Bright red high heels black fishnets & lots of tarty makeup’ Now what would Elaine be doing that for then? Ha ha I know what for all right! The two faced old slag lol’  Any way I went on watching more DVD’s as he gave me more & found I had really got in to Gangbang & guys with really huge cocks with them mainly black ones as i had asked for that’  The lad at work had his work cut out finding stuff hard enough for me’  I told him I couldn’t get enough of it & that the white cocks just can’t compete with em!  I put them on any chance I got like when even doing the Ironing’  For around 5 or 6 weeks we were really busy at work & took on some Temps to help out’  One was a Black lad around 19 & had a fit body so each time I looked at him I just kept thinking of his cock & how big it could be’  Any chance I got I was getting a good look at the bulge in his tight jeans as it was really full & could tell he had huge balls’  Now this was really doing it for me so was really bending over any table where he was & making sure I had on my tightest jeans’

I Started doing this big time after one of the girls told me his eyes were glued on my ass the whole time’  So in the end I kept making out I had to cut up prints right next to where he was working as it was a small very tight space & knowing each time he had to get bye me I would have to squeeze in as it were!  After a bit I stopped squeezing in & his bulge would brush past my arse’  Nothing was said but we both knew what was going on so did it all the more with him in the end really pushing in to my arse crack with his dong’   My Clit really got some hammer for them 6 weeks he was there with me non-stop fantasizing of myself getting pounded by black men & kicking my self for not getting his phone number as I now so wanted his cock in me’   After a couple of months I got a bit lax & forgot to take out the DVD & sods law Dave found it but to my surprise was fine with it & said he had watched it & shot a huge load to it’   He asked how I had got it & said he quite liked the idea that a male workmate was giving his wife porn’  Our Sex life now hit new heights as we started watching them together & I even started taking it up my arse as had only done this way back when I was in my teens & to my surprise found I fucking loved it the nastier & more full on the better with him even ramming cucumbers up it etc’  It was then I suggested we take porn pics of our self’s then upload to Amateur porn sites!  We did this many times when we were both really turned on as that’s when your not thinking straight lol’  We would not quite show our faces then upload as we were doing it with the thrill of seeing us on the screen & watch the hit count going up’  Often after only an hour we would have 10 to 15’000 views with lots of comments that really got us off big time’  After time we got more daring & started streaming a Live show that was interlinked with lots of porn sites with guys & couples asking us to do stuff for them’ Needless to say Dave’s balls were bouncing off my ass hole a hell of a lot & tons of pussy fisting as lots kept asking for this’  It was only after playing it back that we both realised that you could clearly see our faces’  Oh my fucking god I said they all could see who I was’  So then looked at how many had been watching it … Jesus its over 12’000 & still going up as it was now stored on fuck knows how many sites with loads now downloading it’  For days I kept taking a look at how many hits it had now taken as it was going up & up all the time thinking what the fuck have I done but at the same time being sooo turned on by it.

After the shock of this as it were had worn off & us not hearing anything from anyone we knew we would be at it again a week later’  It was then a guy sent a message asking if we would be up for a gangbang with him & his mates’  We both said no but a couple of days later he asked again & this got me thinking back to the DVD’s & after a bit really got in to the idea’  I sent a message back saying yes we might be up for it & to send some pics of himself’  Well fuck me only moments later some popped up & to my delight he was young Blacklad of only around 20 or so with a really fit body’  We exchanged messages with one asking if I was in to blackcock? I said yes love em but only seen in porno’s’  He asked is it the size of them I like? Yes nice & big lol I replied’  Moments later 5 pics of a humongous dong popped up on my screen’ Is this ok for you then?

Well fuck me my hand was going crazy on my clit at the sight of it’  Wow you are a big boy aren’t you!  We exchanged many more messages & showed Dave’ Jesus could you take that thing?  Well why don’t we find out! So after it got arranged & part of it was so Dave had to watch as His wife was being done by black dongs as this really turned us both on & maybe steam it live’  For days at work I was walking around in a trance at the thought of it all & had to keep going to the loo to rub my clit’  I couldn’t get the image of me with blackcocks in all holes at once out my head’  At first we weren’t sure if we should have it take place here or somewhere else as what would the neighbours think when they see some black men going inside my house?  But we said sod it what the hell let em think what they like!

A couple of weeks went bye until the night came along & to say we were a bit nervous was an understatement’   Around 7pm the door bell rang so I opened the door to let em in as quick as poss making it look all the more dodgy!

I had reckoned maybe up to 3 guys would come but to my Surprise or delight 7 guys all black were in my front room & all around 20 to 25 ish’  All were Very tall with muscular fit body’s’  We all introduced our self’s & made drinks then got talking of how this came about & such like’  Turned out they have been in many a gangbang with older women so knew all about it & were telling us what they had done to Milf’s’ Wife’s etc’  Leroy that’s who I set it up with said to Dave … I hear your Sue is in to Big Blackcock then?  Oh yes she loves watching them on DVD’s & the internet’  But never had one for real then!  Well I think we can put that right for her tonight’  Are you up for it to be steamed live then or what?  I was now so turned on I just yelled out ‘Fuck yeah’ The more see it the better!  Good as its just around the time thousands of our followers come online in the States’

Your followers?  Yeah we got loads of em all over world & when we go live it lets em all know to tune in’  Now the thing is most of our fans like us to really give it em real full on nasty but if you want it just basic that’s ok seeing as this is your first time as it were’  Oh let me see now’ Dave what do you think’  Well … I think you should pound her to pulp & let me watch in the corner’  lol Well I was hoping you would say that Dave as that’s what I want’  Real nasty shit lol’  We went to our bedroom where they set up a couple of phones on little tripods then the next thing I knew hands were all over my arse as this was It’  It was really happening & We were live!  They told Dave to get in the corner & shut the fuck up!  I think he was a bit taken aback by this so did just that’  I got pulled to the bed & in no time got striped Butt naked apart from the fishnets I had on & told me to keep my red high heels on’  Already fingers were going in & out my dripping wet pussy as I was undoing their trousers one at a time’  As I pulled down Leroy’s jeans I realised just what I had let my self in for as his cock was sticking up out of the top of his pants & flat to his belly’  Fucking Jesus I said as I just transfixed by the sight of the thing’ After a moment I pulled his pants fully down to reveal it all’  Fuck its as long as my fucking arm & his balls were bigger than golf balls’  I just grabbed the thing with both hands & ran them up & down the shaft’  My fingers were nowhere near meeting even when I squeezed my hand’ I put my arm at the side of it & it was as long from my elbow to my wrist’  I had always thought Dave was quite big but could now see it was tiny at the side of this monster’  The head only just fitted in my mouth as I took it as deep as I could’  As I went round them all it became clear that all the cocks were of similar size with not one under 10inch’ They were now all butt naked & all stud around me with there cocks all over my head & face with each one dipping in & out my mouth & slapping my face hard with em’

Sam looked at the laptop he had & said Fuck there really tuning in big time’  We only just gone online & there’s already over 6’000 perv’s watching’  On the laptop screen was what people were seeing live & right now it was a close up of my face being attacked by 7 cocks but seeing this just sent me wild & really started going crazy on their shafts’  I yelled over to Dave to come over’  As he got there I looked at the camera & said … Look at this tiny maggot I’ve had to put up with all these years!  He was fully rock hard but really did look tiny at the side of the rest of em’ Now get back over there & watch’  Do you want us to tie him up to the chair? Yeah do it so he has to watch his wife being used like a human pin cushion’  So 2 of them did this with some rope they pulled out a bag they had with them so had clearly done this before!  He was tied so he couldn’t get up but could still wank his cock to the proceedings’

As I was still going from one to the next hands were all over my thighs & tweaking my clit & arse hole’  Fuck yeahhh I found my self saying etc as more & more fingers were now plunging in & out of em with most at my arse hole so I then knew my ass was going to get well pummelled’  After around 10 mins or so of this I got pushed back hard to the bed & my legs got pulled right back over me & pinned down really hard’  Yeah that’s it pin the slut down’  We gonna pound your white bitch holes to fucking bits’  With that for the next 4 hours solid they Very Brutally pounded the bejesus out of me’  One got over me then started face fucking me very deep & hard’  My mouth was forced as wide as it could go by the thickness of his cock’  My cunt was being pulled super wide open by hands on each side as one more was almost fully inside’  Even though I was pinned hard down my hips were still jerking up & down a bit’  My tits were being pulled all over with my nipples getting pulled hard as they were sticking way out & rock hard’  My cunt & ass hole were now getting very roughly finger fucked by more & more fingers all the time’  Sam kept reading out the comments online’ Pat from Grease says to Fist fuck her arsehole!

Give us a fucking chance’  We only just started with you Sue’  We gonna fuck up your holes so fucking good’  Your our white fuck meat now ya fucking slut’  With Dave tied down there was now fuck all I could do about it if I wanted to & knew I was their fucktoy to do with as they please’  With that I felt my pussy stretching open as a cock was sinking its length in it’  I managed to blurb something out my mouth with all the Spunk & saliva running out in-between the pumping it was getting as I definitely knew about it’  My cunt had never had cock anywhere near this thick & long plunging up it’  Incredibly in just 3 or 4 strokes it was fully in hard to the balls & he held it there pushing down mega hard forcing my thighs to sink deep in to the mattress then grinding it around for a bit’  A new cock took over in my mouth but I got a quick look at Dave who was tight to the chair but wanking away’  As my mouth got stuffed full again the cock in my pussy just went crazy in me going from tip to base in a blink of an eye just as hard & fast as he could’  Fuck Yeahh really pound the bitch’  The two holding my arms down let go & I grabbed a cock each side wanking them fuckers like crazy’  The cock doing my cunt exploded in me as I felt a huge thick hot jet of spunk hit the very top of my puss then pulled out with a loud plop ready for the next that just went straight in to the hilt in one go then did me as nasty as before’  Andy in Texas says slam fuck that white slut’s holes to shit’  Having a barbeque here with the guys watching it all on our huge TV.  Mat in Aus says love you guys u really know how to fuck them white sluts holes to pieces’  What we on now’  Err 27’456 so far’ You’re a fucking Porn star Sue’  Yeah guys this is Sue from Darby UK fucking Porn star save & repost the fucking slut’  Fucking Jesus I was now thinking there’s know turning back now’  Ohh what’s this then Sue on your Facebook page? Oh Fucking shit as I then remembered I had befriended him on Facebook! I’ve posted links to the live stream on all your friends pages & they seem to be tuning in Sue!

I was now trying to squirm free but there was no way in a million years’  Who’s been a naughty girl then posting porn of her self for all her friends to see’  As shocked as I was I was now so in to it knowing this sent me over the edge with a huge orgasm that seemed to last for ever’  Even with the cock pounding the living daylights out my cunt my hips still thrust forward & up as it was so intense’  Your getting lots of comments from your friends Sue!  Jo from work says … Fuck Sue you’re a dark horse’  Even putting me to shame … Well maybe not lol.  All 7 of em went around doing my mouth then cunt with it now so well slammed to shit it was taking 12inch or more without me even blinking’  I was able to sit up a bit & look at how Dave was doing’  Spunk was all over his belly & legs but his cock was still hard & just said Fuck I’m loving this keep going guys now really do my bitch’ She has a fantasy you know where some guys brake in then gangfuck her hard for hours!  Ohh dose she now … well we might have to do something about that then! I was a bit shocked at this as didn’t expect him to say something like that but what the hell we were both clearly in to it’  I then got flipped over then a pair of hands grabbed the inside of my thighs & yanked me back so my arse was sticking right up in the air as a cock started slapping the top of my arse with hands pushing my back down so my tits were hard to the mattress’  This is so you gonna feel every last bit of it bitch’  Hands each side pinned down my ankles & arms then what felt like a huge ball pressed against my arse hole forcing it open as his huge bell end sank in’

I gasped out load as with each stroke it went deeper & deeper You got around 9 inch up your ass now bitch & 3 more to go!  Then started fucking the 9 inch in & out getting more full on with each stroke’  My pussy lips were still gapping wide open as a non-stop barrage of fingers were fighting over access to it’  Yeah your in man now really slam that fucker’  He didn’t need telling twice as his huge swinging balls were now slapping against my cunt’ You got 12inch fully up ya ass now bitch’  The others were goading him on to fuck my arse harder & harder’  Go on now really give it the slut’  His cock was just a blur with all sorts of slopping sounds from the spunk that was up there’  We getting lots of folk telling us to fist her cunt now’  I yelled out something like YEAHH Fucking do it or such as my cunt spread even wider to absorb his entire fist’  Fuck I had never felt this so full up as he was really working that fucker in there rolling it around then yanking it out just to punch it back in’  Now it was the turn of the rest to get some white ass’ My arse hole was gapping wide open as cock after cock super slammed it as full on nasty as they could & all the time getting fist fucked’  Jo from Notts says even she might not have had it as full on as this but my 10inch dildo has just totally disappeared up my cunt’  Just sent the link to the some of em at work but most already knew’  There now seemed to be many messages coming in saying to just slam the shit out the white bitch as she so needs it’

It was now just a free for all as I got flung all over the place but only now was I getting cocks in both holes at once but fuck it was worth the wait’  One thrust up my ass from under me as my legs got wrapped around my head then fucking Jesus I took the pounding to end all poundings’  Seemed to be in a constant state of orgasm & had totally forgot about Facebook’ Dave’ & all at work as I was on cloud nine’  I just never wanted them to stop & had even started yelling at them HARDER over & over’  I got that DP in every known position to man over & over’  My holes were by now so mega gapped out I didn’t flinch much at all when I looked down to see 2 cocks both sinking in my very batted pussy’  In a second they were both to the balls a really going for it’  There I was with 2 up my cunt 2 both trying to fuck my mouth & a cock in each hand’  Thing was I felt like a pig in shit’ Sam was going around with his phone doing close up on the cock in pussy action then on my face & I caught a glimpse of my self on the laptop screen as it looked on the zillions of computers all over the world’  I smiled & just found my self saying in to the camera Reblog me as much as you like then just yelled out my full name & where I live!  I’m a white blackcock loving fuckpig’  As if on cue huge think goblets of spunk ran down over my face that I scooped up & gulped down as 2 more were double dickin my fuck hole’  Even as 2 of em were in it they still were doing me as full on nasty as ever with one going in one direction & the other the opposite with that really super stretching my cunt all over’   They all did me like this & by this time my body was just awash in Spunk’ Saliva’ Pussy Slime’ My cunt was so gapping open I could very easy fist my self which I loved as had never been able to do that’  I pulled it out with it totally covered in cum then sucked & licked it clean doing this 3 or 4 times in a row & with the camera really close up on my cunt then face’  Fuck knows what the lads are going to say at work on Monday let alone my sons’  I said to Sam to look to see who was on line from my facebook friends’  Err well it seems the lot are & your 2 sons are & have been sending lots of messages to each other’  Oh fuck forgot they would see it I said! In fact you’re the talk of facebook at the moment’  Lots of stuff from Jo & Elaine with Elaine posting a lot saying she’s glued to it & very jealous indeed get me their address lol’

On hearing that message from Elaine (my boss) I now knew she’d definitely been Gangfucked by them Blacks I’d seen her with & probably loads of times too!  Bet they were up her arse hole like rats up a drain pipe why still in the fucking car’ My arse got plonked down on top of Leroy & I rode that fucker like a vixen & yelling out all sorts of shit !   I was going from ass to cunt & back over & over but then got spun around facing forward’  Your facebook mates & loads of folk from all over want to see you double ass fucked’  Well I took all them fuckers 2 up the arse for around an hour with em doing it in fuck knows how many ways & could see most of em were really gritting their teeth why thrusting in to me as full on nasty as they could with hundreds of messages telling them to really Brutally pound the white slut with no mercy at all & it felt like they were as they seemed to be getting much more nasty & rough with me’

If I tried to brake free at all they just slammed in to me even harder, One went over to Dave & put a gag around his mouth but he couldn’t move at all’  Now hold this peace of shit down then proceeded to just very brutally fuck my body non-stop like their lifes depended on it’  They had all taken a pill around 15 mins ago that seemed to send them wild’  Don’t know if it was viagra or such like but their cocks were as rock hard as ever & all had shot huge wads up me around 3 or more times each’  The guy that was face fucking me had his hands on the back of my head & really yanking it forward why thrusting forward himself’  Luckily he was not quite as thick as the rest so was taking around 9inch deep but in rapid motion’  From now on it was non-stop DP’ Double anal’ double pussy & With absolutely no mercy what so ever’  There was fuck all I could do about it as the fuckers even took me over to the window then Dp’d me in the middle of two of em why they were in the standing position right up to the glass’  JESUS NOOO PEOPLE WELL SEE US!  But each time I protested at this they just gave it me harder or held me facing the window with my legs rapped up around my head with a cock up the ass & my gapping open cunt pressed against the glass & looking like a snail leaving its slime track!  The Fucker was even moving me around in the figure 8 leaving behind a huge slime track of pussy slime & spunk’ My cunt lips were acting like suction cups against the glass so really made a sucking sound when I go pulled back!  There is a Bus stop directly across from us & a Double Decker Just had to fucking stop there to let some old men on’  Well how long FFS dose it take to get on a fucking bus! … It took them old gitts fucking age’s to get on so the people on the top deck where just transfixed at the sight in Horror & disbelief for what seemed like a full 5 mins!  As the bus drove off it looked like their heads would unscrew & fall off!

One was a woman from down the road who looked up to see what the commotion was then shielded the eyes of her youngster then looked back a gasp transfixed with her Gob wide open’  Of course all the Younger ones on it were filming it on their phones’   He pulled me back to the bed where his cock instantly enlarged me again’  There was no end to the messages that were popping up on the screen that they could all read now as Luke had made the inbox full size’  Most kept telling em to really pound that fucking pig to shit’  The things where popping up every second  ‘PUNCH FIST HER ARSE HOLE’  With me pinned down with them all like ants over me there was absolutely no way I could stop them from doing what people were asking them to do!  As the cock under me was still pounding up in me like the clappers a pair of hands grabbed each side of my already well gapping arse hole then really spread it even wider for a whole fist to fully thrust in way past his wrist’  Their arms were very thick with mussel & he was pushing it up as far as he could making my ass hole really stretch to the max’  The rest were pissing themselves & yelling all kinds of shit at me’  He started yanking his arm right out then punching back in super fast over & over’

The rest all had a go or had a fist with a cock at the same time doing it etc’  I got flipped around then positioned so they could ‘triple’ fuck me’  I took a non stop combination of double anal with cock in the cunt or double cunt with cock up the ass & all the time endless cocks tickling my tonsils’  After around 15 mins of this they all pulled out’  I was just laying there with my legs still wide open as they just felt like they were now stuck in this position’  A camera got held right up to my gaping holes for the many many thousands of eager viewers to get a good look’  Up popped the messages’  Fucking Jesus guys u really pummelled that white bitch good’  This is what should be done to all white bitch wife’s etc’ My arse hole was gapping open as wide as a orange & my cunt lips were hanging right out forward’  You could see right up as it was so stretched out to fuck & with a constant flow of cum oozing out of both’  They started taking photos of me just laying there with my body covered in spunk & sweat or just grabbing each side of my puss or ass then really super spreading it wide to film & photo’  Fuck Yeahhh look at these fucker’s there well pummelled’

For one last hurrah each one on his own chose a hole then pounded it like his life depended on it until he empted his balls in me’  3 of em pulled out just before they came then shot it all over my face or in my mouth’  Fuck only knows what they had taken but they were all still shooting huge thick loads as the ones hitting my face where like 4 or 5 full jets of the stuff & still really thick’  Fuck only knows how much spunk had been pumped in my belly as they had all held hard down my throat why their cocks had been emptying there loads at the very least a couple of times each’  But it felt very full’  That was about it as they let Dave free the poor fucker’  He had been held there for hours’  He gave them a load of verbal but they just told him to shut it as the slut had fucking loved every second of it’  Around 10 mins later they had gone’  Before they went one gave me a link to a website that has all the Slut Wife’s as he put it on it for anyone to see forever.

We both just lay there for ages & didn’t really know what to say until Dave said … Well how was that for you then? & both started laughing’  After a bit Dave went to have a shower & I got up to take a look at my Facebook page’  It was only now that the reality of it all was starting to sink in’  It was chocker full with messages & comments from all my contact list’  My 2 sons had sent lots to each other with lots of WTF is she doing etc’  But some of my ‘Friends’  had been posting the link to it to their Friends & so on’  Even some of my Neighbours had been watching it all as 3 are on Facebook’  The next day & walking bow legged I started to see if I could find any thing on the web’  Well it took all of a 20 seconds for tons of links & pics of it to pop up’  I put one link in to Google & fuck me the whole thing was on over 800 porn sites’  I clicked one at random & on the title it had My full name plus AMATEUR GANGBANG FUCKPIG’

I clicked on play & was a bit surprised as I was in super sharp HD’  I just couldn’t believe it’  I clicked more in to it & was just shaking my head as there I was as clear as anything yelling at them to fuck me harder’  I couldn’t stop clicking more & more to see what was on it’  I stopped on a bit where they were giving me a crazy full on pile driver in my puss why a guys fist was going in & out my ass hole at the same time’  As I was seeing what they had been doing to me for the first as it were I realised lots of stuff had been going off & I’d not really twigged on at the time like double fisting my cunt with cocks up my ass’  As I was being pinned down & a guy pounding my face I couldn’t see what was going on all I knew was I had more than one cock in each hole at the same time’  It was only seeing the footage that I could see I’d been deep throating some of them fuckers around 10inch’s & had even had my hands on the back of their arse’s yanking em forward’  Was also surprised to see that I had kept scooping up every bit of cum that I could find then gulping it all down’  I’d been doing all sorts of stuff I just couldn’t remember’  A couple of times I had been wanking a cock with some of it up my ass or puss like crazy until he came in me but just couldn’t remember doing it’  The film had been watched many thousands of times already & it was only the next day FFS’  Each site I looked at had it on their front page so it was the first thing anyone would see’  The hit count was going up every second with zillions downloading it to their computers & phones’  There was lots of different links to click on to share it to ever the fuck you liked & a lot had shared it to Twitter as I took a look at the hundreds of tweets about it with many asking if there is any more stuff with her in etc’  But to my horror lots were saying they knew who I was & such like’  One said she lives just up the road from me but never had her down as a porn star’

Also on my facebook page I had over 200 messages from guys asking if they could fuck me or Gangfuck me & loads of pics of Cocks they had sent’  Back at work on Monday I was dreading it as to what they were going to say’  But to my surprise it wasn’t that bad with the lads just mostly giving me a knowing look’  It was the girls who wanted to know all about it’  Jo got first in saying she saw the lot & even she had not done some of that stuff like the double ass fisting’  Saying she’d done loads of double pussy & had many a cock that big up her arse but the most at one time was with only 5 guys so was a bit jealous of me’  The lad that started it all off in the first place said he’d seen it & was shooting load after load to it’  Yeah you & 10 zillion others by the look of it lol’

Elaine came down & said Oh hello Sue … Did you have a good weekend HA HA ‘ We have our very own Celeb with us now! Smiled then went.  Its now 5 months since that day & am still getting loads of requests from guys wanting to do me’  As for the Porn sites it seems like I’m on every one’  There’s loads of pictures’ vids & Gifs that’s been made of me all over Tumbler’ pinterest’ Twitter & god knows how many more ‘Normal’ websites’  All you have to do is Type Amateur Gangbang in Google & the link to it is there on the first page & even says my name on the link’  On there own site they have all the video’s of the Wife’s that they’ve done & at the moment I’m at the top as I’m the latest notch’  But what did surprise me is the huge amount of women that are School Teachers’ Police Women’ & High ranking business Women’  Am going to give Elaine the contact details of Leroy as would really love to see her Exposed on here for the whole world to see then reblog!

But any way you live & learn I suppose & do get turned on seeing myself & knowing zillions ‘are’ seeing it too’ So never say never as I might do it again but with more Men next time lol.

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Sue’s now a Pornstar if she likes it or not

Sue’s now a Pornstar if she likes it or not

Sue’s now a Pornstar if she likes it or not

Sue’s now a Pornstar if she likes it or not

Sue’s now a Pornstar if she likes it or not