Tied naked to a bed for the cane

Tied naked to a bed for the cane

My only experience of being tied up while being spanked was when I met a retired couple off a spanking website, he contacted me and said he would like to spank me but made no mention at that point about his wife watching. I agreed to meet him and we discussed things via email and he said as well as spank me he would like to cane me and that he expected me to be naked for this.

I had been spanked a few times by now and was getting more confident about being punished naked so I told him I had never been caned but so long as he would stop if I asked him to I would give it a try and he could punish me on my bare bum so we arranged a date and time for me to go to his house.

A couple of days before I was due to meet him he phoned me to check I still wanted to go and said “I’m not sure if I should ask this, but my wife would like to watch and maybe cane you if I didn’t mind”

I said “that’s fine as I have always fantasized about someone else watching me get spanked but I do get turned on a bit sometimes when I’m spanked and hope that if she does watch she doesn’t get offended if I got an erection”

He said “she would be fine with that but just so she doesn’t get embarrassed by seeing you naked could you email me a picture of your bum and penis?” which I did.

I got to their house and knocked on the door and he let me in and showed me to the lounge were his wife was sitting, he said “OK we would like you to stand in the middle of the room and strip to your underwear and put your clothes over there one at a time” pointing to a chair in the corner.

I took off my tee shirt and walked across the room and put it on the chair then went back to the middle of the room , then I took my jeans off and did the same with them and again returned to the middle of the room and the same with my socks.

He had positioned a chair which he was now sat on and said “get over my knee boy” as I bent across his knee my bum was pointing towards his wife so she had a good view of my spanking and knowing this I started to get an erection.

After about a 5 minute spanking he stopped and said “get up and stand in-front of me with your hands on your head” , I stood up and stood in-front of him as he had told me to do then he put his fingers into the waist band of my boxers and said “you agreed to be spanked naked so these need to come off” as he pulled down my boxers.

I felt embarrassed as he took down my boxers and they both saw me naked, he saw that I had an erection and told me to turn around and face his wife as he had told her that I said I might get turned on while being spanked and I was worried it might offend her and she had said “if he does I wanted to see it” so I had to face her.

He then told me to get back over his knee and spanked my bare bum for about another 5 minutes before telling me to sit down while we discussed what they wanted to do next and asked if I wanted a drink, so we sat there with me totally naked and had a cup of tea and he said “in a minute it will be time for you to be caned, we will take you to the bed room and you will lay face down on the bed and I will cane you and my wife might watch, we do like to tie the person being caned to the bed but that is up to you if you would prefer not to be but it does stop you moving and if you move it will be worse”.

He told me to follow his wife and she showed me to a bed room with a double bed in it and straps on each corner, she put the pillows in a pile in the middle of the bed and he told me to lay face down across them so my bum was up and then asked me if I was ok with being tied up so I said “ok”.

He first put the straps around my wrists and pulled them tight so my arms were stretched out then he did the same around my ankles and as he tightened the straps my legs were pulled wide apart. He joined his wife by the bottom of the bed and I knew that in this position I was completely exposed, then he laid 2 canes on the bed next to me where I could see them and said “I will be back in a minute” and they both left the room.

As I lay there I imagined how the canes were going to feel, 1 was a little fatter than the other I thought I bet they will hurt but I recon the thin one will really hurt. I felt so exposed and humiliated but also so turned on I had a full erection as I lay there on the bed waiting for what was to come and hoping I will be able to take it.

After about 5 minutes he came back in and picked up the thicker cane and started to cane me on my bare bum and while it hurt I was also enjoying the feeling a bit as I felt the sting of each stroke, then his wife came in and at first was watching from where I could see her before moving down to the end of the bed.

How I was tied up I couldn’t see either of them as I was being caned, there was a pause and the thin cane got moved and then with a swish it landed hard across my bare bum. After about 2 or 3 hits from that cane he moved up to where I could see him and I realized that she was caning my bare bum, he said “she canes hard doesn’t she?” but I couldn’t talk to answer. Then he said “we are going to both cane you now 5 each 1 after the other” and the pain was intense but so was my level of arousal. As the blows fell on my bare bum I felt myself cum a little bit as I was so turned on.

They untied me and told me to look at my bum in the mirror, as I stood with my back to the full length mirror in the room so I could see my bum and it was a mixture of red from the spanking and welt marks across it from the cane. I was looking at it for a bit and as I was standing there naked they were in front of me, then she said “you must of enjoyed that then”.

At that point I remembered I had cum little bit while they caned me and looked down to see that it was dripping from my erect penis, I said “I’m so sorry” and tried to cover myself up but they just said not to worry and that they just saw it as a natural thing.

Then he said “if you need to relieve yourself we don’t mind, there is a toilet down the hall” I was so turned on I did really need to so I went into the toilet and shut the door but there wasn’t a lock on it. I had just started to wank and didn’t notice the door open at first and they stood there watching he said “you can relieve yourself in there but you can’t shut the door we want to watch”

I couldn’t not finish myself off now so I started to wank again and before long I cum while the two of them watched. I got cleaned up and went back into the lounge to get dressed but they had moved my clothes and said I should have another cup of tea before I got dressed and left, so again I sat there naked while we talked and finished our drinks it seemed quite normal except I was naked and had a very sore bum.

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Tied naked to a bed for the cane

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Tied naked to a bed for the cane

Tied naked to a bed for the cane

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Tied naked to a bed for the cane

Tied naked to a bed for the cane